Minty leopard Camo TikiTube

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When you're in need of a headband, sweatband or helmet liner, reach for your strong and stretchy TikiTube. It wicks away sweat and raindrops, holds back your hair and protects you from the elements.

In a bold palette of minty green, pink and black, wrap around your wrist for an instant funky sweatband, adding a wild twist to your outfit.

A versatile size for both adults and kids, keep this breathable TikiTube in your kitbag or pocket for an instant pick-me-up come rain or shine. It co-ordinates perfectly with our gorgeous Minty Leopard activewear range (if you didn't already know!)

Keep your neck warm on those winter run, pull over your face to keep your cheeks warm or double it up as a headband!

Dimensions: 24cm x 49cm